Is Fi-Core Right For Me?

Is Fi-Core Right For Me?

In the end, of course, this question is the one only you can answer. If it’s worth it to you, to open up the opportunity to work in a lot more projects, some big, some small, well-paid, low paid and unpaid, with excellent production value on some and amateur-hour quality on others in an effort to continue working, building a resume and a reputation and experience that will hopefully give you a kick-start into bigger, better Union gigs and a life-long acting career then… it’s worth it.

But, if it’s not worth your time and trouble to anger the Union, draw the ire of your pro-Union acting friends, weed through all the low-paid, unpaid and just plain garbage projects on the casting websites, run the risk of alienating staunchly pro-Union producers, directors, agents etc. and have to defend your decision and explain your status every now and then to a newbie casting director, then… it’s not.

I hope I’ve provided answers and insight to all your questions regarding this very controversial subject. If you have other questions, leave them in the comments section and I will try to provide further information if I can. Please feel free to share your own insights, experiences or even disagreements, if you have any, with my evaluations on the subject.

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