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The Karmalicity Community is a supportive, collaborative place. Share your news on the newsfeed, talk about events, auditions, best practices and advice on the Message Boards, and send Direct Messages to people you meet.

In order to register on Karmalicity, you need to be a Film Industry professional with an IMDb page. This means that the people you meet and interact with here have knowledge and experiences that may be similar to your own, or they may be in a different place in their career than you, but they all have the same goals and live in the same world. You can even look people up in your area based on specific skills to get the collaboration ball rolling!

karmic publicity

Karmalicity Is "Karmic Publicity"
for Film Industry Professionals

Need a boost to your numbers? The Karmalicity Community can and will help you get more Likes, Follows, Subscriptions and Views on the pages you want getting publicity. If you need more Facebook Fans, or more people viewing your IMDb page, or more Followers on Twitter - this is the place! Not only will your numbers grow, but the quality of support and the relationships you develop are all specifically based in the Film Industry, making them even more valuable to you.

Karmalicity works on a very basic principle: Help others, and others will help you. Every time you Like, Follow, View or Subscribe to someone's listing on Karmalicity, you'll earn points. You then spend those points when others take beneficial action on your behalf. So you need more Followers? Great! Follow a few people, or Like some pages, or View their YouTube video. Doing so will mean you earn points. Then you can spend those points having people Follow you on Twitter, or view your IMDb page, or whatever is most important to you!


Meredith Prunty Meredith Prunty Fan Page

"Above and beyond the phenomenal Starmeter improvement is the added benefit of the power of networking with a very select group. I have been a part of Karmalicity/Actorslikes almost since the beginning and I find it enjoyable to follow along with what project actors are involved with and I enjoy seeing their success as well. It is great to read abou...

Meagan Kae Vanzyl Meagan Kae Page on Facebook

"This is way more than a simple "like" builder web site. This community is made of real people, spending real time looking at profiles and building their networks.
In just a week my IMDB ranking soared, but more importantly I have followers to my facebook and twitter that I know are passionate about my creative skill set. With the ability ...

Sandy Baumann Sandy Baumann on Imdb

"Karmalicity is amazing! It's a GREAT way to promote your career, your projects and meet other people with the same artistic passion as you. I'm an Actor and film Producer and Karmalicity is a great way for me to see other actors I may not otherwise have known. My Imdb starmeter has improved to the 20Ks. Fantastic!

Lisa Martel Lisa on IMDb

"Karmalicity is fantastic! It's a terrific way to connect with other actors and build industry support - through IMDb, Facebook and Twitter. This site rocks!

Richard Meehan Richard on IMDb

"I just wanted to say that I think this site is great. I am the mother of teen actor- Richard Meehan. I signed him up for this site with hopes to have people take notice of some of his work he has been doing. My thought was to try to get his name out there so that when he is 18 and ready to make the move from East to West coast maybe he could have ...

Darren W. Conrad Darren W. Conrad

"Karmalicity has been one of the greatest tools for anyone in the business of Acting, Writing, Producing, etc., could possibly have. In a business of "Out for their Own", this is a great way to support each other, gain popularity, increase our IMDb Starmeters, boost "Likes" on our Facebook and Twitter Fan Pages, and even find the perfect talent for ones next project!

Marco Scaringi Facebook Fan Page

"My Facebook fan page was limited to just my friends, colleagues, and family. Then I shared it on Karmalicity and the number of fans took off. Thanks so much!

Maxwell Chase Maxwell on IMDb

"It's great having support from others in the entertainment business who are looking to get their talent recognized. Karmalicity helps it's participants increase the number of visits to their IMDb, reach people they would otherwise never have an opportunity to connect with and see what they are accomplishing in their careers! - Lisa Chase (Maxwell's Mom)

Anoush NeVart Anoush NeVart

"It's really amazing to get acquainted with people dedicated to the craft of acting, producing, directing, etc. I love reading peoples' bios, watching their videos, looking at their updated headshots and getting ideas about how to cast different people when it's time to cast my project. Very exciting. Very empowering. Thanks, Karmalicity! You are a lifesaver - minus the hole in the middle.

Tommy G. Kendrick Tommy G. Kendrick

"Karmalicity has really tamed the wild swings in my STARmeter ranking. The ranking still goes up and down, as it should, but the changes are in much more reasonable increments. No more sending out messages asking Facebook friends to please hit my IMDb page. Karmalicity has harnessed the social networking power of Facebook for a very positive result. If there's a downside, I haven't seen it.

Mike Akers Mike Akers Fan Page

"I have only been on here less than a week but my fan page, imdb, and youtube has SKYROCKETED! Wow! LOVE Karmalicity! Thanks! So glad I found you!

Serena Laurel Collins Serena on IMDb

"KARMALICITY (along with my charm of course) is the magic wand that drastically improved my starmeter rankings in one week and continues to do so. But the the icing on the cake, (I really like sweets), is making new friends and learning about the latest favs & trends in the industry. I can't think of a better way to share your passion for what y...

JMichael Briggs J Michael Briggs - IMDB

"Karmalicity helps me to work on my publicity in a very focused manner. Other aspects of marketing are made easier as a result. Increasing visibility and reach-ability are integral parts to successfully marketing an entertainment career and Karmalicity provides a pinpoint way to do just that. I love that there are other entertainers out there who ar...

Kenzo Lee Kenzo on IMDb

"For me, Karmalicity is changing the game! I've been a working actor for almost eight years, and throughout the process, there's always been some way to get an edge in publicity. Remember back when the most important thing was a black and white headshot? Then they became color. Then they went to digital. Then it was a website! Then it was a digital ...

Wolfie Trausch Wolfie's IMDb

"I am very grateful for Karmalicity. It's a supportive community where actors can share their advice and successes with one another.

Alyssa Ruland

"Alyssa's dad, here... Karmalicity has been such a jewel of a find! Alyssa has met some very wonderful people who have truly encouraged and supported her more than we ever could've imagined! Thanks, Karmalicity (and all the members), for being such a wonderful tool and, better yet, a family!

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