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What Is Karmalicity?

Karmalicity Is A Community

The Karmalicity Community is a supportive, collaborative place. Share your news on the newsfeed, talk about events, auditions, best practices and advice on the Message Boards, and send Direct Messages to people you meet.

In order to register on Karmalicity, you need to be a Film Industry professional with an IMDb page. This means that the people you meet and interact with here have knowledge and experiences that may be similar to your own, or they may be in a different place in their career than you, but they all have the same goals and live in the same world. You can even look people up in your area based on specific skills to get the collaboration ball rolling!

Karmalicity Is "Karmic Publicity" For Actors, Directors and other Film Industry Professionals

Need a boost to your numbers? The Karmalicity Community can and will help you get more Likes, Follows, Subscriptions and Views on the pages you want getting publicity. If you need more Facebook Fans, or more people viewing your IMDb page, or more Followers on Twitter - this is the place! Not only will your numbers grow, but the quality of support and the relationships you develop are all specifically based in the Film Industry, making them even more valuable to you.

Karmalicity works on a very basic principle: Help others, and others will help you. Every time you Like, Follow, View or Subscribe to someone's listing on Karmalicity, you'll earn points. You then spend those points when others take beneficial action on your behalf. So you need more Followers? Great! Follow a few people, or Like some pages, or View their YouTube video. Doing so will mean you earn points. Then you can spend those points having people Follow you on Twitter, or view your IMDb page, or whatever is most important to you!

What Members Say

"Karmalicity is amazing! It's a GREAT way to promote your career, your projects and meet other people with the same artistic passion as you. I'm an Actor and film Producer and Karmalicity is a great way for me to see other actors I may not otherwise have known. My Imdb starmeter has improved to the 20Ks. Fantastic! "
Sandy Baumann
Sandy Baumann on Imdb
"Above and beyond the phenomenal Starmeter improvement is the added benefit of the power of networking with a very select group. I have been a part of Karmalicity/Actorslikes almost since the beginning and I find it enjoyable to follow along with what project actors are involved with and I enjoy seeing their success as well. It is great to read about all the "Stars" but a lot of the business is made up of real actors working hard in this very competitive field so to see people doing well is wonderful. To have Karma provide a vehicle to assist with STARmeter ranking is priceless. I hope to someday see Meredith work with some of the other exceptional actors/producers on Karma and would love to hear more daily stories about the people in this group.

Suzanne Prunty (Meredith's Mom/Manager)"
Meredith Prunty
Meredith Prunty Fan Page

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